eHRS4-HSW-4W – Hotswap battery cable for eSMART BG-DU

Passive hotswap battery cable for eSMART BG-DU and BG-DU-REG

This cable can be used to connect 2 x AUDIOROOT eSMART batteries on a BG-DU or BG-DU-REG for battery hotswapping.

Important notes :

  • As this cable is passive the BG-DU will display battery telemetry from only 1 battery when 2 batteries are connected.  The battery from which battery info is read is selected randomly (first battery to respond to smbus master commands).
  • The eHRS4-HSW-4W was mainly developped towards hotswapping capability – in some circumstances using 2 batteries simultaneously may lead to incoherent information displayed on the BG-DU.
  • It is always the battery with highest voltage which handles the load. As the batteries’ voltage balance themselves during use they will tend to share the load 50/50.
    At that point current and power information shown on the BG-DU will correspond to half the actual values and estimated runtime will be correct.

Overall length : 60cm – custom lengths on request

AUDIOROOT reference : eHRS4-HSW-4W