Active Battery Eliminator

The AUDIOROOT ABE is a battery eliminator which can be used to power smart battery operated devices with an alternative DC source such as an AC/DC power supply, wall adapter or even another battery. A smart battery can also be connected to the ABE’s power input connector wich allows larger smart batteries to be used to power devices which normally accept only small format batteries such as the Li-48neo or Li-49Wh.

Wiring of the TA4M input connector :

  1. (-)
  2. SMBus data*
  3. SMBus clock*
  4. (+)

*Wiring of pins 2 and 3 is not mandatory


The ABE includes a smart battery emulation circuit which allows display of some information on our smart current distributors when a simple DC power supply is connected to the ABE (i.e pins 2 and 3 left unconnected). The ABE’s smart battery emulator is compatible with the following devices :


The following informations are available when using the devices listed above with the ABE when smart battery emulation is active :

  • voltage
  • current
  • power
  • temperature

Ih this configuration (external DC power source and smart battery emulation ON) other values such as cycle count, capacity and runtime are displayed with arbitrary values.

Key features :

  • small format battery eliminator
  • same size as a Li-48neo or Li-49Wh
  • 5 pin standard smart battery connector for DC output and SMBus data/clock lines
  • TA4M input connector
  • max recommended current : 5A
  • smart battery emulation for use with eSMART BG-DH MKII, BG-DU, BG-DU-REG and K-ART
  • size : 88.0 x 78.0 x 22.7mm
  • weight : 67g

When should I enable the ABE’s internal smart battery emulator ?

The switch enabling the ABE’s internal smart battery emulator whould be set to ON when using the ABE to power a eSMART BG-DH MKII, BG-DU, BG-DU-REG or K-ART from a DC power source. The ABE’s internal smart battery emulator should be set to OFF when a SMBus compatible battery is connected to the ABE’s TA4M input connector using a 4 conductor cable (power + clock/data signals).

Important note for AATON users :

The eSMART ABE is NOT compatible with the Cantar Mini.