Dual battery holder/holster/combiner with DTAP and lead output cable for eSMART lithium batteries

  • Overview

    The AUDIOROOT eSMART BH2 is a versatile dual battery holder/holster/combiner designed for eSMART Lithium batteries, offering a robust solution for powering your professional audio and video equipment. With advanced features and flexible configurations, the BH2 ensures reliable and efficient battery management for demanding production environments.

    Key Features

    • Dual Battery Slots: Equipped with two battery slots featuring spring-loaded locking mechanisms, the BH2 allows for easy single-hand removal and replacement of batteries.
    • Belt/Bag Clip: The BH2 comes with a belt/bag clip that can be mounted on either side of the unit for maximum convenience and flexibility.
    • D-TAP Output: Includes a D-TAP output for combined power distribution.
    • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with 4S2P style (long) batteries, including the eSMART Li-96neo and Li-98Wh models.


    The BH2 is available in two distinct configurations to suit different power and data needs:

    1. Direct Outputs Configuration:
      • Dual Independent Outputs: Features two lead output cables, one for each battery, allowing them to operate and drain independently.
      • Combined Power via D-TAP: Offers a combined power solution through the D-TAP connector located at the bottom of the unit.
      • The BH2 with 2 direct outputs is the ideal companion of the eSMART TRIO.
    2. Combined Power and Data Output Configuration:
      • Single Combined Output: Provides one lead output cable that actively combines both battery power and data.
      • Smart Battery Power Distribution: Ideal for connecting 2 batteries simultaneously to single input smart battery power distributors like the BG-DU, allowing both batteries to function as a single unit.

    Connector Options

    The BH2 is available with different connector types to match your specific requirements:

    • 4-Pin Hirose (default): Robust and reliable connector for various applications.
    • 4-Pin Switchcraft TA4F: A high-quality connector known for its durability.
    • 4-Pin Neutrik XLR4F: Professional-grade connector ensuring secure and stable connections.
    • No Connector: For users who prefer to use their own custom connections.

    Ordering Information

    To order the BH2, use the following format: BH2-X-Y-ZZZ, where:

    • X: Output Type
      • D: Direct outputs
      • C: Combined output
    • Y: Connector Type
      • H: 4-pin Hirose HRS4 (default)
      • T: 4-pin Switchcraft TA4F female
      • X: 4-pin Neutrik XLR4 female
      • 0: No connector
    • ZZZ: Cable Length (in cm, ranging from 20 to 150)


    • BH2-C-T-080: This code specifies a BH2 with combined output, TA4F connector, and 80cm cable length.

    Choose the AUDIOROOT eSMART BH2 for a reliable and efficient battery management solution that adapts to your specific power needs, ensuring seamless operation in any production setting.

Weight (emtpy) : 250g

Weight (with 2 batteries) : 1150g

Dimensions : 71x90x193mm

Batteries not included