1 bay desktop smart battery quick charger

Our  single bay desktop charger. Light, small and smart. The charger is built in a rugged and lightweight aluminium housing. This noiseless charger operates without any fan and includes a bright OLED screen to provide battery information to the user. This charger will charge our smart batteries in under 3 hours.

  • Weight : 233g (575g with AC adapter)
  • Height : 36mm
  • Length : 89mm
  • Width : 109mm
  • Mating Connector : 5-pin standard battery connector
  • LED + OLED Status Display
  • Maximum charging current : 2.0A
  1. Green flashing: Charging
  2. Green solid: Charge complete
  3. Off : no battery in bay
  • OLED Status Display
  1. Current state of charge (%)
  2. Battery voltage
  3. Charging current
  4. Estimated time to end of charge
  5. Battery pack temperature
  6. Battery cycles count number
  • Included Power Supply 90-260VAC, 24V, 3A DC

Battery not included